product issues

Discover top issues impacting customers

It is often difficult for support managers to know core reasons why support tickets come in. The reasons keep changing as does the product functionality, making it difficult to have full visibility into support issues.

IrisAgent's AI pinpoints which product changes or bugs caused support tickets. Discover product issues from anomalies in customer support tickets. Find top issues impacting many customers.


Tag tickets automatically and get actionable reports

Even in today’s digital age, companies are forced to spend hours every month manually analyzing customer queries due to the lack of a developed structure of tagging. There are several challenges when it comes to tagging - low compliance in support agents, incorrect tags, overlapping and poorly defined tags, among others.

Using advanced machine learning and natural language processing, IrisAgent provides solutions to automate tagging and help gain visibility into support tickets. IrisAgent discovers tags customized to your domain and automatically tags new tickets.


How IrisAgent transforms your customer support

Lower response time

Suggested solutions to resolve tickets quickly. Give your customers the ability to troubleshoot and solve issues on their own.

Improve CSAT

Customers want to feel valued. So when you strive hard to provide proactive support, they will never forget it, and will remain loyal.

Decrease ticket volume

Provide solutions to customers where they are. You won’t have to go through tons of customer issues anymore.

Supercharge your support operations today

Get on top of product issues and effectively resolve customer support tickets, instead of reactively learning about them

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