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IrisAgent is an AI-powered customer support automation platform that uses generative AI to reduce resolution time, respond automatically to tickets, and enhance internal communications. It also provides a chatbot and AI answering and tagging engine that can scan your data repository to resolve customer issues without human interaction.
Our Mission
Our Mission
We help customer support teams improve response times, reduce escalations, and ensure customer satisfaction by using artificial intelligence to better identify the true source of issues, resolve routine issues, automate repetitive tasks, and monitor customer health.
Our Vision
Cloud-native solutions have changed the way we live and work. Endless release cycles, patches, and updates mean “failure” – service interruptions, performance issues and bugs – is inevitable. But inefficient customer support need not be. We help teams provide outstanding support to their users.
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Things Together
We are a diverse and distributed team consisting of experienced product and engineering leaders. We are backed by seasoned VCs and advisors who have led customer experience at leading software companies.

We are hiring motivated and driven engineers and leaders to join our growing team. Contact us or apply directly below
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