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Scale your customer support team
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Resolve common cases
automatically with AI

Access appropriate resolutions based on similar cases, knowledge base articles, and AI models from within Salesforce. Automated machine learning within the Salesforce platform ensures that enterprises can fully utilize machine learning capabilities that are production-ready.
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Deflect 40% of cases and chats with Salesforce AI and IrisGPT Chatbot integration

Trained on the world's largest large language models, IrisGPT's generative AI generates multilingual, trustworthy, and highly accurate answers integrated in your Salesforce chatbot
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Automate ticket tagging, routing and
prioritizing within Salesforce

IrisAgent discovers tags customized to your domain and automatically tags new tickets. Utilizing CRM data, it enhances ticket tagging and routing by providing personalized, data-driven automation. Get rid of manual and inaccurate ticket tagging.
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Add product context from DevOps tools to Salesforce cases

Instant problem discovery using internal operational and product signals without the need for separate data preparation. Utilizing customer data helps in understanding the business priority and history of the customer and empathize better. Link tickets to known product bugs in Jira.
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How does IrisAgent
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Supports all
major languages

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IrisAgent enhances customer service by providing fast, accurate, and personalized responses, thereby nurturing stronger relationships across various communication channels. Salesforce products, including those in the Customer 360 portfolio, play a crucial role in enhancing customer service by integrating seamlessly with IrisAgent. Its advanced capabilities, including AI Agent Assist enable it to comprehend human language nuances, and assist in ensuring a seamless and cohesive brand experience for Salesforce customers and their customers.
Yes, IrisAgent is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce solutions platform, complementing its existing AI capabilities. IrisAgent ensures data privacy and security, allowing organizations to deploy AI models without introducing risk. Through this integration, Salesforce customers can leverage the power of IrisAgent to enhance their customer engagement strategies and drive operational efficiency.
IrisAgent Agent Assist AI and IrisGPT in Salesforce saves agents' time and effort by automating responses to common, repetitive support queries. It also provides agents with real-time, context-aware response suggestions, enabling them to resolve complex issues faster and more accurately. This results in improved customer satisfaction and reduced ticket resolution times.
IrisAgent automatically identifies tags specific to your domain or industry using advanced AI solutions and applies them to new tickets without agent intervention. By leveraging customer data, our AI also analyzes Salesforce tickets for language cues that reveal the sentiment. IrisAgent routes tickets to the right agent based on their domain and expertise. It uses built-in analytics to identify those product features with the most negative reactions so that your support team agents and product teams can better understand the source of the most ‘how-to’ tickets.
It takes just a few minutes to get started with IrisAgent. Salesforce customers can install the IrisAgent app from the Salesforce marketplace and start using it within Salesforce right away. This integrated set of AI technologies leverages advanced AI capabilities to enhance your CRM experience. IrisAgent is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you can start leveraging its advanced AI capabilities without any technical expertise.
IrisAgent supports multiple communication channels, including email, chat, and social media platforms, with advanced AI tools to enhance these interactions. These AI tools also help in automatically generating product descriptions, which play a crucial role in creating a unified experience across all channels. Its omnichannel approach enables Salesforce customers to engage and connect with their customers wherever they are, providing a unified experience across all channels.
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