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Robust Automation for Intelligent Ticket Routing


IrisAgent provides robust and configurable rule engine to automate your ticket routing process based on agent skills, availability, business hours, ticket intent/tags, statuses, and priority, and configurable dynamic rules. It supports dynamic rules such as setting up soft and hard limits on number of assigned cases and real-time queue size.

Because IrisAgent also automates ticket tagging and prioritization and agent skill assessment, it can intelligently identiy domain experts and route tickets based on ticket tags and priority.

Setting up Routing Rules

The Triggers product can support composite conditions and actions. For example, you can set up rules such as automatically route billing inquiry tickets to available agents in the billing sub-team while ensuring workload limits and agegnt work hours are enforced.SSO
In addition, you can add intelligence to your Routing trigger by leveraging AI-powered ticket priority and customer health signals to ensure that critical tickets are routed to the experts in your

Managing Agent Availability and Skills

You can add fine-grained agent details and routing controls and configuration options. These options can be directly imported from your ticketing systems, e.g., Zendesk, Salesforce, etc., or imported from a custom channel, such as Calendar apps, documentation pages, CSV files, etc. Alternatively, you can also manage all of this information in IrisAgent's admin portal. Below is a comprehensive list of agent details and routing controls.

Creating Routing Rules based on Agent details

You can set up routing triggers based on any or all parameters in the below Agent details:

  1. Time-off
  2. Work hours
  3. Time zone
  4. Skills or expertise: This can either be manually entered or imported, or automatically computed based on AI.
  5. Maximum workload limits
  6. Current workload: Number of open cases in real-time, computed automatically.

Creating Routing Rules based on different Routing algorithms

You can set up routing triggers based on any or all Routing algorithms:

  1. Round Robin: Routing among available agents based on a basic approach of choosing all agent equally in.
  2. Weighted by Workload and Limits: Routing among available agents based on workload of the agents while enforcing individual agent's workload limits.

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