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Secure by Default

We understand that protection of customer data is one of the top priorities for every company we work with. At IrisAgent, we take privacy and security considerations into every organizational and product decision we make.

IrisAgent ensures that customer data is secure

IrisAgent is SOC2 Compliant


Secure Hosting

IrisAgent SaaS platform is hosted in a secure cloud infrastructure


Encrypted Data

All the data collection happens securely over SSL using REST APIs


Single Sign-On

We do not require additional login credentials. We authenticate through Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.

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We redact personally identifiable information (PII) such as people's names, email addresses, URLs, SSNs before they are stored into our backend systems. IrisAgent does not require login details or passwords to customer’s CRM solutions (like Salesforce, Zendesk) or incident sources (like Pagerduty). We use OAuth integration to generate access tokens for the integrations. These tokens are securely stored in our database after encrypting with a cryptographic key.
All IrisAgent employees complete our security and privacy training. In addition, engineers must complete a specialized security training. All of our projects go through rigorous security design reviews to make sure we are doing our best to protect customer data.
Only you and your team (by invite) can access your data. IrisAgent does not modify any of your existing data. However it can optionally add new tags to your data sources. We perform aggregated analytics and generate insights for our users by leveraging case and incident data.
You can cancel your account any time and we delete all your data after you close your account.
We only use Generative AI for IrisGPT, our internal and external facing chatbot. This is an optional feature that can be turned off if you are not comfortable with using Generative AI. See more details in the next question.
As mentioned above, Generative AI can be turned off for your account if you choose to. We have two options for GenAI models - private, in-house models or OpenAI-based models. For the former, we train and fine-tune private LLM models on our premises, and no data is shared with any external vendor. For the latter, only the data that you approve will be sent to OpenAI for processing. If you do not want to share any data with OpenAI, we can disable OpenAI and only use private LLM models. If you want to learn more, here are some details on OpenAI data policies if you choose to leverage OpenAI: https://help.openai.com/en/articles/7039943-data-usage-for-consumer-services-faq.

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