Re-imagined Proactive Customer Support

Map support tickets to specific product and operational changes causing them. Delight customers with lightning-fast support.

Resolve tickets caused by product failures

Resolve tickets caused by product failures

Most customer support teams are not aware of what product bugs and changes are causing customer issues in a fast-moving digital environment. We fix that.

Discover product issues from support tickets

Our Early Warning Engine detects product and customer experience issues based on anomalies and trends in support data.

  • Find what issues are impacting many customers at scale
  • Send important customer feedback to product for quick actions

Discover Similar Tickets to learn about their resolution

Do away with repetitive tickets and save time. Our machine learning platform provides unique insights to help you respond faster to tickets.

  • Learn from resolved similar tickets and save time
  • Discover the most negatively talked about features, improve documentation, and solve potential bugs

How IrisAgent transforms your customer support

Lower response time

Suggested solutions to resolve tickets quickly. Give your customers the ability to troubleshoot and solve issues on their own.

Improve CSAT

Customers want to feel valued. So when you strive hard to provide proactive support, they will never forget it, and will remain loyal.

Decrease ticket volume

Provide solutions to customers where they are. You won’t have to go through tons of customer issues anymore.

Supercharge your support operations today

Get on top of product issues and effectively resolve customer support tickets, instead of reactively learning about them

Get Started

Get Started

Connect to your existing support platforms in just a few minutes

About Us

About Us

Backed by the investors of Zoom, Arista Networks, Cohesity, Menlo Security, SignalFx and more, we are on a mission to re-invent customer support and experience with our novel proactive and pre-emptive approach. Our founding team consists of engineering and product leaders who worked at Google, Microsoft, Kubernetes, Uber, Doordash and others before.

We are hiring motivated and driven engineers and leaders to join our team. Contact us at to learn more.



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