Customer Support on a Whole New Level

With product and user context, identify trending issues and take proactive steps to resolve issues before they become problems.

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Resolve tickets with product and user context

Our software integrates with bug trackers, monitoring and analytics tools, and other sources to surface context around user support tickets automatically.
It figures out why users are having an issue, what product changes contributed to the problem, and points to solutions.


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Pinpoint the problem and solve it.

Stop escalating issues to engineering because of a lack of proper context.

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Let AI resolve common tickets

Don't reinvent the wheel for every common support ticket. Leverage AI and save your agents' time.

  • AI-powered recommended resolution to avoid grunt work
  • Suggested knowledge base articles by indexing knowledge from different places
  • AI learns from similar tickets and previous responses
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Discover the source of user issues using real-time product context

Save time and effort of your support agents. Help your support agents respond faster.

  • Instant problem discovery using internal ops and product signals such as bugs, logs, alerts and incidents.
  • Get real-time alerts for major incidents and service interruptions
  • Learn from resolved tickets and knowledge base

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Discover trending customer issues with anomaly detection

Our Early Warning Engine detects product and customer experience issues based on anomalies and trends in support data.

  • Solve for what’s most impactful. Find out which issues are affecting customers at scale
  • Create automated workflows for real-time alerts
  • Collaborate with internal product and engineering teams

Automated tagging and intelligent routing

IrisAgent discovers tags customized to your domain and automatically tags new tickets. Eliminate manual and inaccurate tagging.

  • Route tickets to the right support agent based on their expertise
  • Analytics about resolution times and ticket volume for different tags


How IrisAgent transforms your customer support

Faster response time

Resolve tickets quickly with IrisAgent’s suggested solutions. Give your customers the ability to solve issues on their own.

Improve CSAT

Customers don’t just want to feel valued. They want you to make their lives easier. Proactive support generates loyalty.

Decrease ticket volume

Solve your customers’ problems where they are. Free up your support and engineering teams to focus on what really matters.

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