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Teachmint solves 35% customer issues with IrisAgent AI

Teachmint transforms its support experience with automated
triaging, tagging, and self-service resolutions
using IrisAgent AI Support Automation
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The Challenge

Teachmint is a leading provider of education-infrastructure solutions, Since inception, they have enabled millions of educators to create global,future-ready classrooms with proprietary classroom technology. It has adopted a product-led growth strategy. As they grew, they knew that delivering. a superior support experience was key to the retention and growth of the customer base. They invested in a leading CRM tool – Freshdesk to equip frontline support teams to engage via digital channels. However, the support leadership the following challenges:

  • Product Insights - Product teams lacked real-time insights into critical product-related issues from customers hindering product-led growth

  • Efficiency - Support agents spent a lot of time answering the same repetitive questions repeatedly

  • Effectiveness - Support agents spent too much time and effort manually tagging tickets

The Solution: AI-powered Support Automation

Teachmint support leadership soon realized that they needed to solve these challenges by developing a systemic approach. They evaluated IrisAgent AI-powered Support Automation to help them automate tagging, streamline workflows, and bring the context and intelligence from engineering teams to the support teams that used Freshdesk CRM.

Teachmint implemented the following capabilities,

  • IrisGPT chatbot and search for self-service
  • Automated tagging and intent detection of issues in Freshdesk CRM
  • AI recommendation engine for identifying AI-powered answers, related product bugs,
  • Key reports on trending issues for Product managers to review and incorporate in roadmap planning


The Results

Since deploying IrisAgent AI Support Automation, Teachmint has seen,

  • 35% of queries addressed by AI, enabling agents to focus on real impactful issues
  • 10x improvement in Mean Time to Resolution in many scenarios
  • 10x visibility into product issues
  • Real-time product quality insights and improved CSAT
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