IrisAgent Installation Guide for Atlassian Jira and Confluence


IrisAgent provides AI-powered correlations between Jira issues and support tickets using the Atlassian Jira integration. It enables cross-functional teams to better prioritize product issues based on support and business impact. IrisAgent provides AI-powered answers to support tickets from internal knowledge base in Confluence using the Atlassian Confluence integration.

Connect with Atlassian

  1. Login to the IrisAgent dashboard. This step assumes that you have already connected IrisAgent to your ticketing provider.
  2. Click on Manage Integrations option on the bottom left menu.
  3. If you are using Atlassian cloud instance, click on Connect with Atlassian/Jira Cloud. Else, if you are using Atlassian on-prem instance, click on Connect with Atlassian/Jira Server. Give the OAuth permissions and click on Allow. This will automatically connect IrisAgent with Jira and Confluence.
    • [Atlassian Cloud] If you are connecting with Atlassian Cloud, a follow-on page will show up that asks for the Atlassian cloud token, email address, and base URL. Here are the steps to create the token.
    • [Atlassian Server] If you are connecting with Atlassian Server, a follow-on page will show up that asks for the Atlassian server token and base URL. Here are the steps to create the token.

The above steps will complete the integration of IrisAgent with Atlassian. Please email us once these steps are completed, and our team will start setting up the machine learning models for your account.

Details on IrisAgent's Atlassian Connection

IrisAgent only ingests data from Atlassian from the last 3 months (can be configured). It make POST and GET API calls to fetch data while ensuring that the Atlassian's rate limits are not exceeded. The frequency of API call can be configured based on customer's preference.

Permissions of the Atlassian Token

The Atlassian token generated by a user has the same access level as that user’s permissions within jira. It is recommended that a service user be created and that user’s token be entered in the IrisAgent dashboard, so that permissions can be easily granted/revoked as and when new functionality is introduced.

OAuth permissions needed for Jira Software

IrisAgent uses this integration to correlate Jira Software bugs with support cases automatically, prioritize open bugs using business and support impact and provides visibility to customer support, engineering, and product management teams. The token needs to have the following permissions in Jira:

  1. Read and write for all Jira issues (and comments)
  2. Read changelog data for all Jira issues
  3. Read and write for Jira service desk issues (and comments)
  4. Read all Jira projects
  5. Read Jira releases for each project
  6. Read all users
  7. Read all user groups
  8. Read all user group membership data
  9. Read all priorities
  10. Access to the /issue/createmeta endpoint to discover the project and issue types while creating a new Jira issue from the IrisAgent app.

OAuth permissions needed for Confluence

IrisAgent uses this integration to automatically suggest articles and resolutions from Confluence that match a new support case and assist both support reps and customers in finding faster resolutions. The token needs to have the following permissions in Confluence:

  1. Read all blogs
  2. Read all pages

Granting Access only to either Jira/Confluence

  1. Create a service user who has access only to the feature you want to use. E.g. : A service user with access restricted only to Confluence.
  2. If the service user has access to one of Jira/conlfluence, please ensure that all permissions required within that section are met.
  3. Generate a token for this service user and follow the same connection procedure by visiting the “Manage Integrations” section as mentioned above.s

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