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Aug 04, 2021 | 4 Mins read

5 ways IrisAgent uses real-time data to drive customer experience

While the disruption of the COVID19 pandemic accelerated the need for and use of real-time data, the concept itself is not new. Companies have been making a shift from relying purely on historical data which can be outdated to embracing more current and timely data. According to Gartner, by 2022, more than half of significant new business systems will leverage continuous intelligence to improve decisions using real-time context data.

Real-time data is data that is delivered immediately after it’s collected, without any form of delay. In logistics, real-time data is used to provide accurate and timely information on the location of certain goods, containers, and vehicles. Likewise, in the healthcare sector, real-time data has been important in determining where vaccines, drugs, and staff are most needed and in what quantities. 

Within companies, real-time data plays a significant role in driving customer experience across business functions and touchpoints. Specifically, in customer support, real-time data is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity. Companies must know their customers’ needs, desires, and preferences in real-time and deliver experiences that satisfy them. 

To improve customer experience, it is not enough to have access to quality data. One must also act on the data at the right time. By processing data as it arrives, it increases the chances of companies taking timely actions on it. To ensure that your customers always have good experiences, companies need to take note of questions their customers are asking and issues they have reported in order to avoid repeat issues and improve future interactions.

How IrisAgent uses real-time data to improve customer experience

IrisAgent believes in a proactive approach to customer support. That is, solving customer issues before the end-user becomes aware of them and resolving customer issues in the shortest possible time.

By using customer support software that gathers, analyzes, and visualizes customer data, support agents will have the information they need to be able to respond to customer issues effectively. IrisAgent combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time data to reduce customer churn, optimize agent productivity and drive positive customer experiences. 

Some of the ways IrisAgent uses real-time data to drive satisfying customer experiences include:

  1. Preventing customer churn: IrisAgent’s real-time alerting capabilities notify companies when a customer is unhappy with their products. When a customer's health or sentiment scores go down, IrisAgent immediately sends a warning to the company.  Top areas of concern and problem areas are also visualized so that companies can know where they are falling short with a particular customer. Timely response to these alerts can help prevent customer churn. 

    IrisAgent screenshot

  2. Workflow automation: IrisAgent automates the customer support operations workflow in real-time. As soon as support tickets come in, they are automatically linked with internal Jira bugs. As soon as bugs are resolved, the customers are updated in real-time. With support chats, IrisAgent offers suggested resolutions from knowledge articles and previous responses.  For every incoming support ticket, IrisAgent assigns a relevant tag and passes it on to a domain expert using intelligent routing. The real-time analytics shows support operations management which tags generate the most cases and shows the time to resolve support tickets.

  3. Team alignment: IrisAgent creates a tighter feedback loop with customers, engineering & product. Real-time alerts can be set up for product or UX issues in support tickets. This way, product teams can get accurate and timely information on how customers are using their products and their reactions to various features. 

  4. Proactive approach: Proactive customer support is at the heart of IrisAgent. Our real-time analytics capabilities enable companies to keep their fingers on the pulse of what their customers are feeling and experiencing. They can get a deeper understanding of how their products are used and should there be a potential issue, they can get to them before the customers make any complaint and if possible, solve the issue before they notice it. Companies can turn a potential crisis into a positive outcome. 

  5. Discover opportunities: Are customers using your products optimally? By observing customers in real-time, their preferences, needs, questions, issues, companies can unlock hidden opportunities. This could be in how to approach certain customers, optimizing certain features in a product, or even discovering a new touchpoint for the customer. These hidden opportunities can benefit other functional areas in the company like the product team or the customer success team.

Access to real-time data is changing the way that customer support operates. If you’re struggling with delays, inefficiencies, and frequent engineering escalations internally, it’s likely that your customers are also suffering too. Investing in software that combines real-time data with AI capabilities to boost support agent productivity, personalize customer engagement and resolve tickets more quickly might just be the game-changer your business needs. 

With the fast-paced movement of the market, customers aren't waiting for you to get it right and neither are your competitors. With proactive support, you can stay ahead of the curve by turning every customer interaction into a positive customer experience.

Ready to get started with real-time data in your customer support operations? Book a demo with IrisAgent. 

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