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Sep 14, 2021 | 2 Mins read

Connecting IT Ops to Customer Support with IrisAgent & PagerDuty

PagerDuty’s on-call management, modern incident response, event intelligence, and analytics capabilities are best-in-class and proven in the enterprise globally across industries and use cases. Together, IrisAgent and PagerDuty are unstoppable. 

We set cross-functional organizations up for success by giving them a 360-degree view of incidents and support tickets to enable seamless collaboration in your organization. When business-impacting issues strike, our partnership ensures that you’re never caught off-guard. 

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Discover the root cause of support tickets

Resolve support tickets faster and get alerts about IT incidents. Identify when an IT incident or feature regression/bug from PagerDuty is the root cause of a support ticket.

  • Resolve tickets faster with instant problem discovery. 

  • Reduce manual tasks and avoid mistakes with automated workflows. 

  • Enable better collaboration and partnership between customer support and engineering. 

Prioritize incidents with business context

IrisAgent provides valuable business- and user-context in real-time to prioritize which actions will be impactful. 

  • Prioritize incidents with a significant impact on customer support.

  • Synchronize incident and support ticket updates. 

  • Know which customers are impacted by infrastructure issues.

Manage and respond with 360-degree insights all in one platform.

Benefits of PagerDuty for Customer Service

PagerDuty offers numerous benefits for customer service teams, enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional support. Its real-time alerting and incident management capabilities ensure that customer issues are promptly addressed, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction. PagerDuty's automation and routing features streamline ticket handling, allowing agents to focus on more complex cases. Additionally, its robust reporting and analytics tools empower teams to identify recurring problems and make data-driven improvements. With PagerDuty, customer service teams can optimize workflows, minimize disruptions, and ultimately provide a superior customer experience.

How does IrisAgent and PagerDuty integration work?

The integration of IrisAgent and PagerDuty streamlines incident management for customer support teams. When an issue arises, IrisAgent detects it and sends an alert to PagerDuty. PagerDuty's powerful alerting and escalation capabilities then ensure the right support agents are notified in real-time. This integration also enables automatic ticket creation and assignment, reducing manual workload. As the issue progresses, both platforms provide real-time updates and analytics, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and make data-driven decisions. Ultimately, the IrisAgent and PagerDuty integration enhances incident response, minimizes downtime, and ensures a seamless customer support experience.

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