Sep 14, 2021 | 1 Mins read
How IrisAgent and PagerDuty Connect IT Ops to Customer Support

PagerDuty’s on-call management, modern incident response, event intelligence, and analytics capabilities are best-in-class and proven in the enterprise globally across industries and use cases. Together, IrisAgent and PagerDuty are unstoppable. 

We set cross-functional organizations up for success by giving them a 360-degree view of incidents and support tickets to enable seamless collaboration in your organization. When business-impacting issues strike, our partnership ensures that you’re never caught off-guard. 

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How It Works 

Discover the root cause of support tickets

Resolve support tickets faster and get alerts about IT incidents. Identify when an IT incident or feature regression/bug from PagerDuty is the root cause of a support ticket.

  • Resolve tickets faster with instant problem discovery. 

  • Reduce manual tasks and avoid mistakes with automated workflows. 

  • Enable better collaboration and partnership between customer support and engineering. 

Prioritize incidents with business context

IrisAgent provides valuable business- and user-context in real-time to prioritize which actions will be impactful. 

  • Prioritize incidents with a significant impact on customer support.

  • Synchronize incident and support ticket updates. 

  • Know which customers are impacted by infrastructure issues.

Manage and respond with 360-degree insights all in one platform.

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