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Jun 29, 2021 | 2 Mins read
How To Get More Visibility Into Customer Support Operations?

Customer experience is the backbone of any company’s success, and this is why companies funnel thousands of dollars into customer support operations. However, there is a shortage of analysis on the valuable data that lies within support tickets, such as customer feedback and satisfaction levels. This data isn't appropriately utilized to improve customer support operations. 

Gauging Customer Satisfaction through Support Tickets

Usually, companies don't find out about customer dissatisfaction until they escalate their issues. To curb this, you can benefit from AI applications that can utilize support tickets to gauge customer satisfaction so that you can find out exactly how your service irks them the most

Gauging Customer Satisfaction through Support Tickets

Increasing Product Awareness Among Customers

Through support tickets, you can also find out if customers aren't utilizing the key features of your product or service, and you can directly get in touch with them. This will significantly cut down on the complaint resolution time and will also increase product awareness.

Increasing Product Awareness Among Customers

Identifying Product Strengths and Weaknesses

Finding out the strong and weak features is crucial for product improvement, and you can leverage support tickets to find it out much earlier, rather than relying on phone calls or feedback forms. This will significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

The best way to leverage support tickets and use crucial data is through a platform that embeds artificial intelligence to help you identify customer behavior and satisfaction so that you can optimize your product or service.

If you are looking for such a solution, consider IrisAgent’s proactive customer support platform. It uses AI and machine learning to utilize support ticket information and allows you to resolve product issues in real-time to connect better with your customers.

Get in touch with us today and see how you can add more visibility to your customer support operations through IrisAgent.

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