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Jun 29, 2021 | 4 Mins read
Proactive Customer Support And Why It's The Key To Success

For so long companies have made customer experience their top priority seeing as customers are more likely and happy to return after having a great experience with a company, which in turn creates loyal customers. However, where customer service is involved, people usually either receive outstanding customer support or poor customer support. This is something that businesses can improve upon in order to rapidly grow and perform significantly better than their competition.

To transform customer support to be proactive, we launched IrisAgent. Utilizing insights and information from a wide range of platforms, including engineering, product, and operations, IrisAgent ensures your team always has the required information. That means when a customer issue happens or is about to happen, IrisAgent can quickly identify and resolve the problem. IrisAgent integrates with your business’s key monitoring and product platforms and uses machine learning to identify major issues. This doesn't just help resolve customer support tickets swiftly and efficiently; it also identifies regular patterns to automatically fix numerous support tickets. 

What exactly is Proactive Customer Support?

Identifying and resolving an issue before it becomes problematic is what proactive customer support is all about. There are two kinds of customer services, proactive and reactive. 

  1. Proactive Customer Service: Foreseeing the issues of customers and handling them proactively through forums, FAQS, instructional, knowledge base videos, and new age AI-enabled solutions.

  2. Reactive Customer Service: A customer finds the contact page while browsing through your website and either emails or calls and waits for a response from your team.

The majority of the business we see today fall into the reactive customer service category. However, in order to get your customers to become genuinely devoted to your brand, it is extremely crucial to become proactive.

The Importance & Benefits of Proactive Customer Support

Here is a list of a few benefits of proactive customer support:

  1. An Increase in Customer Loyalty. Taking the lead in your business support can assist in increasing customer retention rates.

  2. Helps Decrease Support Calls.  Figuring out and solving issues before they become problematic can help diminish the number of complaints your business receives. 

  3. Helps Regulate Communication. Being proactive allows your business to get involved in customer conversations and engage with them to draw positive attention. Customers will not only discuss your company or brand with family and friends, they will also talk about it throughout their social media platforms. 

  4. Gain New Customers. New opportunities can be found by communicating with potential customers and being more proactive by inspiring them to turn to your brand.

  5. Keep Existing Customers. Reaching out to customers can help to develop a better relationship between the customer and the business, even if the customer hasn’t exactly mentioned you. It is extremely crucial to exceed customer expectations with more and more people looking to social media for customer support.

  6. De-escalates Customer Service Disasters. By getting rid of any signs of negativity that might surround your brand as soon as possible, your business is being protected from customer service disasters. Poor customer experience is the number one reason for complaints.

  7. Creates Supporters. Satisfied customers will inform other people about your brand and their experience with it. This provides the opportunity to not only create advocates but also change the minds of unhappy customers.

With proactive customer support, your business is given the chance to surpass the expectations of customers, intensify your relationship, and increase customer value through their support and business.

How Can IrisAgent Transform My Customer Support? 

Here are three ways IrisAgent actively works to transform your customer support:

  1. Lower Response Time: Suggest solutions to resolve tickets quickly by giving customers the ability to resolve and troubleshoot problems independently. 

  2. Improve CSAT: When your business works hard to offer proactive support, customers will never forget it and remain loyal because they love to know they are valued.

  3. Decrease Ticket Volume: Offers solutions to customers where they are instead of having to look through loads of documentation.

With IrisAgent proactive customer support, your business won’t just keep your current customers satisfied, it will convert them into brand advocates, a significantly vital tool for marketing and attracting new business. 

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