Empower your Intercom agents

Products and customer issues keep changing. Keep your agents up to date and improve resolution times

intercom app

Scale your customer support team

knowledge base search

AI provided resolution for common conversations

IrisAgent provides recommended resolution from knowledge base and past similar conversations right at the fingertips. Enable your team to provide lightning fast support.

Bring product and customer context to your agents

Instant problem discovery using internal operational and product signals. Know the business priority and history of the customer and empathize better. Link conversations to known product bugs in Jira.

product context

Automated and accurate tagging

IrisAgent discovers tags customized to your domain and automatically tags new conversations. Get rid of manual and inaccurate tagging.

Create a rockstar support team using the power of AI

Faster response time

Resolve conversations quickly with IrisAgent’s suggested solutions. Give your customers the ability to solve issues on their own.

Improve CSAT

Customers don’t just want to feel valued. They want you to make their lives easier. Proactive support generates loyalty.

Decrease conversation volume

Solve your customers’ problems where they are. Free up your support and engineering teams to focus on what really matters.

Boost your agent productivity