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Sep 13, 2022 | 2 Mins read

IrisAgent launches on Salesforce AppExchange!

We are proud to share that IrisAgent is now available on Salesforce AppExchange - the world's #1 #marketplace for enterprise applications. With the AppExchange Certification - IT Admins, Salesforce Admins, and Security teams at enterprises can be assured of a secure integration that empowers their frontline customer support teams with IrisAgent AI Powered Support Operations Automation, right inside Salesforce Service Cloud - delivering proactive support via real-time alerting, automated triaging, and correlation of support tickets. Kudos to the engineering team at IrisAgent and our partner Salesforce, and we look forward to customer and partner feedback! 

As the world’s # CRM solution, Salesforce Service Cloud offers a broad array of tools - Case Management, Rules-based assignment and workflows as well as Knowledge Management. With IrisAgent for Salesforce integration installed, frontline support agents now get access to critical real-time AI Powered insights to Jira bugs, DevOps logs, and alerts. This added dimension will help Salesforce Service Cloud customers truly differentiate and offer superior service.  With 58% of organizations now looking at Product Led Growth as a critical go-to-market strategy, this brings the critical insights that help drive conversions, adoption, and revenue growth.

Key capabilities of our integration include:

  • Automated triaging of support cases by linking Jira bugs, DevOps logs, alerts, and user activity timelines with cases in real time. This helps detect and resolve product and customer experience issues 45% faster.

  • Automated tagging of tickets, thus helping answer tickets with AI discovery from previous cases and knowledge bases.

  • Auto-respond with answers to common questions, so agents stay focused on more complex issues.

  • Detecting sentiment and trends from cases to proactively predict escalations and churn risk

While agents get access to the above information right inside Salesforce; supervisors, managers, and support leaders get advanced reporting capabilities with IrisAgent reporting that now pulls in Salesforce data. Thus, with this bi-directional integration, we believe we can help users of Salesforce Service Cloud have happy agents and customers. Happy agents and customers mean better conversions, retention, and eventually revenue growth!

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