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Nov 09, 2021 | 4 Mins read

Predict and Prevent Customer Churn using AI in Customer Service

Customer churn (AKA customer attrition) costs businesses tons of money every year. In fact, it’s been reported by The Forester that it can cost as much as 5x more to acquire a new customer than it is to maintain an existing one. Furthermore, KPMG has released data indicating that retaining customers is the primary factor affecting a company’s revenue.

Businesses must keep customer churn as low as possible.

What are the Top Reasons for Customer Churn?

Customer churn, or attrition, occurs when customers discontinue their relationship with a business or service. Several common reasons for customer churn include:

  1. Poor Customer Service: Inadequate or unresponsive customer support, slow issue resolution, and unsatisfactory interactions can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

  2. Competitive Offers: Customers may switch to competitors offering better pricing, features, or incentives.

  3. Product or Service Issues: Frequent product defects, outages, or service disruptions can frustrate customers and drive them away.

  4. Lack of Personalization: Customers increasingly expect personalized experiences. Failure to offer relevant content, recommendations, or services can result in churn.

  5. Unmet Expectations: When customers' expectations are not met, whether in terms of product performance, service quality, or delivery, they may seek alternatives.

How Customer Churn is Expensive for Businesses

While it’s fairly intuitive, it is important to point out that losing customers is going to create a loss of revenue for a business. Customers who decide to move on to another company may spread negative information about the company they left and generally, a loss of customers leads to a bad word of mouth. This forces businesses to respond to negative rumors by running more marketing campaigns and devoting energy to addressing poor publicity. 

All of these factors cost companies time and money.

Customer Churn Indicators

Luckily, there are things to look out for that can prevent customer churn before it happens. One such indicator is the amount of and nature of customer support tickets. For example, customers may be growing increasingly frustrated by a certain element of your business or your service. 

The easiest way to identify these indicators and make appropriate changes is to leverage AI technology. Well-designed AI can send you an alert if you receive a high number of at-risk customer support issues or when an overall negative sentiment seems to be developing around your business.

Early indicators of customer churn are critical for businesses to detect and address issues before customers discontinue their relationships. Some common early warning signs of customer churn include:

  1. Decreased Engagement: A decline in customer engagement, such as reduced interaction with your product or service, fewer logins, or decreased usage, can be a warning sign that customers are losing interest.

  2. Increased Support Tickets: A sudden uptick in customer support inquiries or complaints may signal dissatisfaction or difficulties with your offering.

  3. Missed Payments or Late Payments: Customers who start missing payments or become consistently late in their payments may be experiencing financial difficulties or contemplating switching to a more cost-effective alternative.

  4. Negative Feedback or Reviews: Monitoring customer feedback, online reviews, or social media comments can reveal dissatisfaction and potential churn triggers.

  5. Reduced Interaction: If customers stop opening emails, clicking on links, or responding to communication, it could indicate waning interest.

  6. Use of Competitor's Products: When customers begin using a competitor's product or service, it's a strong indicator that they are exploring alternatives.

  7. Declining User Activity: A drop in user activity or a decrease in the frequency of specific actions (e.g., shopping cart abandonment, reduced content consumption, etc.) may signify impending churn.

How can IrisAgent's AI help prevent customer churn?

IrisAgent's AI can help address customer churn quickly and effectively in several ways. Two of these ways include:

  1. Predictive Analytics: AI can analyze historical customer data to identify patterns and predict potential churn. By recognizing early signs of dissatisfaction or reduced engagement, AI can trigger proactive interventions.

    1. By integrating IrisAgent with your sales CRM, you can easily identify how likely customer churn will occur and how much it will cost you.

    2. By integrating IrisAgent with your business’s analytics software, you can gain insight into when product usage is decreasing or when customers are having difficulty with certain elements of your service.

  2. Automated Customer Feedback Analysis: AI can automatically analyze customer feedback, such as surveys, chat transcripts, and social media comments, to detect recurring issues and sentiment trends. This allows support teams to address problems before they lead to churn.

  3. Personalized Support: AI can use customer data to provide personalized support experiences, such as tailored product recommendations, content, or promotions, which enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

  4. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Chatbots powered by AI can handle routine customer inquiries and provide 24/7 assistance, improving response times and ensuring that customers receive help whenever needed.

  5. Self-Service Options: AI-driven self-service solutions, like knowledge bases and FAQs, allow customers to find answers to common questions independently, reducing the need to contact support.

  6. Issue Resolution: AI can assist in diagnosing and resolving customer issues more quickly and accurately, leading to higher satisfaction and lower churn rates.

  7. Automated Follow-Ups: AI can send automated follow-up messages to check on customer satisfaction after interactions with support, providing an opportunity to address any remaining concerns.

  8. Proactive Communication: AI can notify customers about upcoming updates, new features, or promotions relevant to their interests, keeping them engaged and informed.

It is significantly more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing customers. Preventing customer churn leads to a better reputation, increased revenue, and a better experience for both the customer and the company.

Interested in seeing how IrisAgent can help your business prevent churn? Check out our website!

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