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Dec 08, 2021 | 3 Mins read

The Blend Between Pre-Sales & Post-Sales: A Crucial Business Strategy

In the past, businesses could more easily define the limits of pre-sales and post-sales. In this day and age, however, there is no longer a clear line between the two. In fact, customer support centers are now being used in both pre-sale and post-sale capacities in order to handle customer needs more effectively.

Customer support teams and sales teams have two converging characteristics:

  1. Both groups have daily interactions with customers.

  2. Both groups attempt to work independently of one another.

Number 2 above is a huge problem and frequently results in revenue loss for businesses that are attempting to scale.

With the current sales climate, which emphasizes subscription-based services, there are tons of opportunities to upsell. Furthermore, customers can churn very easily when using subscription services. For these reasons, the collaboration between the sales and customer support teams within a business becomes even more pressing.

Introduction to Pre-Sales and Post-Sales

Pre-sales and post-sales are critical phases in the customer journey. Pre-sales involves activities like prospecting, lead qualification, and product demonstrations to persuade potential customers. Post-sales focuses on customer onboarding, support, and maintaining long-term relationships after a purchase. Both phases play pivotal roles in delivering value and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Comparing Pre and Post Sales

These phases are complementary and crucial for a comprehensive customer experience strategy.

How IrisAgent helps in Pre-Sales and Post-Sales?

IrisAgent, an advanced AI-driven platform, plays a pivotal role in both pre-sales and post-sales activities. By leveraging its capabilities, it offers seamless continuity in the customer journey. IrisAgent can assist during pre-sales by providing real-time product information, answering queries, and facilitating product demos. Moreover, it continues to support customers post-sale by offering onboarding assistance, addressing issues, and providing ongoing product guidance. This continuity ensures a smooth transition from pre-sales to post-sales interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience. IrisAgent bridges the gap between these phases, fostering customer satisfaction and retention throughout the entire journey.

IrisAgent can help coordinate the efforts of sales and customer support teams.

When reaching out to a customer, support teams now need to have an in-depth grasp of the product and the business as a whole. Conversations between support teams and the customer need to be empathetic and knowledgeable in order to keep the customer’s business.

On the other hand, sales teams must gather specific information about customer priorities and top concerns in order to function effectively, meet their future needs, and potentially upsell.

Customer support teams should be sharing their valuable data with the sales team and vice versa. Improved communication and coordination between these separate yet related branches of a company lead to a better team effort in serving the customer. 

When the customer feels as if she is a priority and has a consistent experience with different representatives of a company, she will continue working with the company. Thus, customer churn occurs to a lesser degree, and businesses are able to scale more easily.

Leveraging AI, such as that provided by IrisAgent, can help to connect these two related areas of your business. Book a demo with IrisAgent today to see what we can do for your business!

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