Okta Sign-in Guide for Zendesk


IrisAgent supports SAML-based sign-in flow with Okta. This guide will help you integrate Okta with IrisAgent using SAML.

Okta SAML Integration

Step 1: Create a new SAML application in Okta

  1. Follow the Okta guide to create a new SAML application.
  2. Set the following values for the application:
    • Single sign-on URL: https://frontend-api-server-v2.api.irisagent.com/oauth/okta/saml/acs
    • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): https://frontend-api-server-v2.api.irisagent.com/oauth/okta/saml/metadata
    • Attribute Statements:
      • email -> user.email

Step 2: Provide the metadata to IrisAgent

  1. Metadata URL
  2. Issuer

Step 3: Connect with Zendesk (or any other ticketing system that you use)

A Zendesk user (with write access) in your team should follow the instructions provided here to connect IrisAgent to your Zendesk account. Ensure that this user is assigned to the SAML application of IrisAgent from your Okta dashboard.

Step 4: Notify IrisAgent

Inform IrisAgent by email once the metadata has been provided and the connection with Zendesk is established.

Step 5: Sign in to IrisAgent

After IrisAgent confirms that your account is set up, you can sign in to IrisAgent from the "My Apps" page of your Okta dashboard.

Step 6: Invite more users to IrisAgent

Your Okta admin can add more users by assigning them to the IrisAgent SAML app in Okta. In addition, please add these users by navigating to "Manage Users" page on IrisAgent Dashboard.

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