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How to Improve Workflows
Between Product,
Engineering, and Support

Aug 3, 2022 11:00AM PT



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Many companies today are leaving cross functional data silos (support, engineering, success, and product) disconnected and underlevered, yet turn around to ask why customer support spending is high, escalations are reoccurring, and churn rates are not where they should be - costing time, money, and customers.

With the right technology and processes, learn how you can seamlessly integrate your CRM, support platforms, and DevOps tools and reduce ticket resolution times, improve agent performance, and uncover siloed information to reduce escalations.

Join CX leaders from Zapier, ActiveCampaign, NerdWallet and IrisAgent to learn how to:

  • Create automated workflows and intelligent correlations cross-functionally
  • Estimate the business impact of escalations and prioritize better
  • Understand trends and key customer and product issues from support tickets
  • Tools, technology and best practices that enable this cross-functional collaboration

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