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Case studies / June 2023

How Teachmint automated tagging and improved MTTR

This case study discusses the implementation and impact of IrisAgent in Teachmint's environment.

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Whitepapers / April 2023

Getting Started with Generative AI (GPT) for use cases in Customer Support

This white paper explores the use of GPT-based AI models for customer support

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Articles / January 2023

How CX Insights From Automated Tagging of Support Tickets Help Product Managers

In this article, Palak Dalal Bhatia, CEO and Founder of IrisAgent, explains how AI-powered automated tagging can provide...

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Webinars / December 2022

SupportDriven Expo Panel: Getting Started with AI for Support Operations

Listen to support leaders from Agorapulse and Vanessa Marshall use the simple yet powerful capability of AI-powered tagging...

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Articles / March 2024

IrisAgent and Qdrant: Redefining Customer Support with AI

Learn how IrisAgent leverages GenAI, fine-tuned LLMs, RAG in partnership with Qdrant

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Articles / November 2022

IrisAgent, a leader in support automation, is now SOC 2 certified

IrisAgent Inc., a leader in AI-Powered Support Operations, is now SOC 2 certified with enterprise-grade security controls. IrisAgent delivers real-time contextual product...

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Webinars / October 2022

CSC Webinar: Increase renewals and prevent at-risk accounts with proactive AI-powered support automation

Accessing real-time insights into product issues, potential customer churn, and...

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Articles / September 2022

IrisAgent AI-powered Support Operations Automation now available on Salesforce AppExchange

With IrisAgent for Salesforce Integration installed, support agents now get...

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Articles / September 2022

How Does Product-Led Growth Impact Customer Support?

Understanding how customers use your product—even those not yet paying to use it—can reveal many product insights.

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Whitepapers / August 2022

The Business Case for AI powered Support Automation for Product-Led Growth

PLG strategy to put the product at the forefront of the customer journey

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Articles / July 2022

IrisAgent launches on Zendesk and Intercom marketplaces

Bringing AI-powered proactive, contextual customer support to your favorite ticketing platforms.

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Webinars / July 2022

How to Improve Workflows between Product, Engineering and Support on Aug 3

Learn how to best integrate your CRM, support platforms, and DevOps tools to...

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Articles / July 2022

Essential Elements for Breaking Information Silos to Improve Customer Support

With a proactive approach, silo-free teams can work better together to ensure each...

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Collaterals / May 2022

IrisAgent Product Summary

Learn more about IrisAgent's AI-powered solution for customer support teams..

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Podcasts / June 2022

CXChronicles Podcast with IrisAgent's CEO

In this episode of CXCP, Palak and Adrian chat through how she has tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process & Feedback...

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Articles / October 2022

Monitor Customer Health from Siloed Information to Prevent Churn

Understanding customer health is critical to the long-term success of any comp...

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Articles / October 2022

Moving Toward Predictive Customer Analytics for Excellent Customer Support

Historically, customer support teams have taken a reactive approach to custom...

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Awards / CIO Review / September 2021

IrisAgent: Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers 2021 by CIO Review

Offering a Proactive Customer Support Platform

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Awards / The Silicon Review / January 2021

IrisAgent: 20 Amazing Startups of the Year 2022 by The Silicon Review

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