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Dec 15, 2023 | 3 Mins read

AI Support Automation drew attention in 2023 - 5 Customer Service Trends!

Here we are in December 2023! And what a year it has been! AI promises to be the mega trend of our lifetimes and we are just about to embark on a very transformative journey for humanity with AI. While we won’t delve into the broader impacts of AI, we certainly can share a few insights and a retrospective of what we saw at IrisAgent - being at the forefront of AI driven Support Automation.  Here we share a few insights from 2023 that will shape our product direction and support automation for 2024. More importantly, we hope that these give you food for thought and we hope to partner with you in the year ahead to shape the future of AI based Support Automation. 

So here are our five key takeaways as we look back at 2023! 

The AI hype and reality check, all in one year

We started 2023 with ChatGPT and Generative AI capturing the imaginations of consumers and businesses alike. Every business now wanted their support bots - voice and digital to work like ChatGPT - accurate, human-like responses.  The good part - the “art of the possible” with AI now became a key initiative for businesses. The reality check - Unlike consumer usage, enterprises needed to evaluate support automation within the guide rails of compliance, security, existing CRM systems and vertical industries - all very specific to their businesses. This is where the reality check came in - ChatGPT is not ready for businesses and open source initiatives come with limitations.

Emergence of specialized Support Automation Platforms

The reality check that ChatGPT is not meant for businesses, put a spotlight on AI Support Automation platforms built for enterprise support automation. IrisAgent saw businesses re-evaluate support automation workflows and business leaders making AI adoption a priority for support automation initiatives. IrisAgent saw that with our growing customer base. This change meant that support leaders are now looking to IrisAgent and other support automation platforms and not just incumbent CRM players. A BIG and welcome change!

AI based self-service and Agent Assist most popular use cases

IrisAgent launches IrisGPT - our GenAI bot for self-service and it turned out to be the most requested capability followed by Agent Assist use case. We believe GenAI will have the most impact here where 60% automation is a very achievable goal for most organizations.  If we have not spoken, please drop us a note and let's talk on how we can save money and scale your business.

Harvesting Data intelligence became easier

Organizations have long invested in CRM systems, Contact Centers, knowledge bases and self-service technologies. Over years, these systems have become large data repositories, often siloed and locked away critical insights and knowledge. Organizations have found it hard to analyze this data. Thanks to AI - this has become easy and scalable. IrisAgent data tagging capabilities are a good example on how to unlock key insights from vast amounts of ticketing data. All our customers cite this as a big step forward for them.

Omnichannel is now more real than ever

For years, businesses have strived to deliver true omnichannel experiences - i.e. no matter how customers engage with a brand, either via web, digital, social, voice or mobile - they get a consistent experience.  This is especially true now for Support Automation wherein advances in AI driven self-service, GenAI based bots and Agent Assist technologies are ensuring consistent experiences. In fact, users readily embrace AI and expect consistency in exchange - very fair expectation!

Thus, to net it out - we leave you with some food for thought on where we see AI support Automation in 2024 - AI that works for the enterprise, powers 60%+ effectiveness for self-service and agent assist use cases and helps deliver true omnichannel experiences. 

Happy Holidays from the IrisAgent team!

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