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Jan 09, 2024 | 2 Mins read

Customer Support Automation trends for 2024 and Our plans for you!

Hello January 2024! 2023 flew by with many advancements in customer support automation - some expected and some not - hope you read our retrospective here! AI promises to dominate our mind share and wallets for 2024 as well. We share our thoughts on support automation trends for 2024 and our plans for the IrisAgent platform. More importantly, we hope that these help you implement your own customer support automation plans - because AI driven support automation is here and now and we want to shape the future with you!

So here are our key trends for 2024! 

AI for Customer Support Automation moves beyond consumer hype and into enterprise implementations

ChatGPT and Generative AI captured our imaginations last year. Every business wants their support bots - voice and digital to work like ChatGPT - accurate, human-like responses.  Consumers now almost expect “smart bots”. In 2024 enterprises will need to implement support automation within the guidelines of compliance, security, existing CRM systems, and vertical industries - all make support automation experiences specific to their customer needs and deliver ChatGPT-like experiences. IrisAgent is ready to support this with IrisGPT which is trained and tailored for each unique business. In 2024 - we will be releasing multiple enhancements that give enterprises better control of the data and LLMs on which they train IrisGPT and create bespoke end-user experiences.

Agent assist capabilities gain more importance

With AI-driven support automation managing repeat tasks and queries, Support Agents and Supervisors are thus required to handle more complex tasks. This makes Agent Assist technologies - such as real-time agent guidance super-important. IrisAgent Platform continues to invest in enhancing Agent experience capabilities - where we plan to release capabilities that deepen tagging, intent recognition, and better knowledge base integrations that empower Agents and Supervisors.

AI adoption heightens privacy and security concerns

As a result of the AI data explosion, data protection and privacy will become even more pressing concerns for business leaders. IrisAgent platform will continue to adopt the highest security and compliance measures and certifications, all aimed at ensuring the businesses using IrisAgent are getting a modern and secure platform.

Customers will expect effective, authentic, and personalized experiences from AI

As AI moves beyond its initial hype phase and CX leaders begin to see tangible results, consumers will become more accustomed to interacting with the AI technology. Heading into 2024, customers now almost expect AI to deliver effective, authentic, and personalized experiences.

Thus, to net it out - 2024 promises to be another banner year for support automation, where we see AI-driven Support Automation that works for the enterprise, powers 60%+ effectiveness for self-service and agent assist use cases, and helps deliver secure, relevant, and personalized support experiences. 

Welcome to 2024!

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