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Dec 27, 2022 | 4 Mins read

Learn more about Industry's First DevOps Solution For Customer Support

What is a DevOps solution in customer support?

A DevOps solution for customer support, often referred to as "SupportOps," is an approach that applies DevOps principles and practices to customer service operations. It involves streamlining support workflows, enhancing collaboration between support, development, and operations teams, and using automation and technology to deliver faster and more efficient customer support. The goal is to provide exceptional service, improve issue resolution, and ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience. SupportOps extends the core DevOps values of culture, automation, and collaboration into the realm of customer support to create a more agile, customer-centric approach to serving and satisfying customers.

The Challenge -  DevOps disconnect with frontline support

In SaaS companies, especially those “born in the cloud” with modern public cloud SaaS stack with In, DevOps has the mission-critical charter to ensure continuous delivery and high quality of service while shortening the software development lifecycle. DevOps teams increasingly rely on full stack Application Monitoring (APM) tools as well as alerting and notification platforms to monitor the health of the services being delivered.  While the level of sophistication and granularity of monitoring capabilities has progressed a lot, unfortunately, it remains siloed within DevOps teams and engineering.

Frontline support, customer success, and product teams do not have visibility to service disruptions or degradation in real-time - thus making it difficult for them to respond appropriately to support tickets coming from customers as a result of service disruption or degradation. Product teams often miss out on understanding patterns of service degradation or disruptions. Thus, enhancements related to Quality of Service (QOS) rarely make it to the roadmap priorities.  QoS is the blindspot for product teams, and “feature bombing” often overshadows the basics of SaaS - uptime and quality.

DevOps Solution for Customer Support

The emergence of AI-powered Support Operations designed to break down the siloed world of DevOps and Support, thereby empowering frontline support teams and customer success teams with real-time insights into the quality of service as well as customer-impacting service degradation or disruptions. Similarly, product teams are able to recognize QOS and any patterns that can help them shape their roadmaps for better uptime and service quality.  To that effect, IrisAgent - the leading AI-powered Support Operations platform, delivers the following key capabilities, 

  • Pre-built, secure, and certified integration with leading alerting and notification tool - PagerDuty. Integrated with PagerDuty Plays, it pushes critical DevOps alerts to CRM systems like Salesforce Service Deck, Zendesk, and Intercom.  

  • DevOps alerts pushed to CRM systems via the IrisAgent platform are enriched with keyword tagging. This enables quick co-relations to open new inbound tickets.

  • The ability for Support Agents to quickly search against DevOps alerts and co-relate them to open tickets

  • Proactive alerts inside CRM as “Known service issues” are visible to all support and CSM personnel inside CRM tools.

  •  A report that

    • Summarizes overall impact of service degradation/outage on customers

    • Summary of how many customers reported tickets associated with service degradation/outage to customers

    • Revenue impact, as derived from CRM data.

Benefits of IrisAgent's DevOps solution for customer support

IrisAgent's DevOps solutions in customer support offer numerous advantages:

  1. Efficient Issue Resolution: DevOps practices streamline support processes, enabling faster and more efficient issue resolution, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaboration between support, development, and operations teams ensures a more holistic and effective approach to solving customer issues.

  3. Automation: Automation reduces manual tasks, minimizes errors, and speeds up support operations, leading to quicker responses to customer inquiries.

  4. Improved Customer Experience: The proactive and personalized approach of DevOps solutions enhances the overall customer experience, fostering loyalty and trust.

  5. Cost Efficiency: Automation and process improvements reduce support costs, optimizing resource allocation and handling times.

  6. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data analytics and insights help make informed decisions, continuously improving the quality of support services.

  7. Scalability: SupportOps ensures that support services can scale to meet increasing customer demand.

  8. Cultural Alignment: Promoting a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility results in a more unified approach to customer support within the organization.

In summary, DevOps solutions in customer support drive efficiency, collaboration, and automation, resulting in a more seamless and customer-centric support experience that benefits both the organization and its customers.

In an industry-first, the IrisAgent AI-powered Support operations platform now delivers actionable DevOps information to frontline support, customer success, and product teams.  Current customers and prospects can now enable this capability by signing up or dropping us a note.

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