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Jan 04, 2023 | 2 Mins read

Best Customer Service Tips & Prediction for Support Success in 2023

As we welcome 2023 - it is also the time for resolutions, predictions, and tips for 2023 from the IrisAgent team. 

First, a look back at 2022 

Adverse macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions clouded 2022 and we saw support budgets shrink while customer expectations stayed sky-high. In these conditions, we at IrisAgent are proud to have continued to innovate and help our customers save money, and increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. IrisAgent matured to be a very feature-rich and secure Support Ops platform. Key capabilities that we added and are super-proud of,

Now looking forward - Key tips and predictions for 2023

At IrisAgent, we are constantly listening to our customers and prospects. We learn, innovate and adapt iteratively. Thus, our top predictions and tips for 2023 for Support teams and leaders - 

  • Doing more with less with SupportOps will be the norm - ‘CX is the new revenue driver’ - sure! but that memo has yet to reach CFOs who classify support as a cost center.  Budgets will be tight, making AI-powered SupportOps a top consideration to integrate and automate CRMs and back-end systems for cost efficiencies. 

  • Bringing DevOps into the SupportOps fold becomes important - DevOps has remained a silo, time to demystify and empower support teams with actionable DevOps insights via SupportOps platform

  • Embracing AI as mission critical - The launch of ChatGPT has made us all take notice. AI has gone mainstream and support teams need to unlock the power of AI with automated tagging, issue discovery, and triaging.  Manual tagging is passe’.

  • Initiate in-product support personalization for support - Product-led organizations need to increasingly embed contextual real-time support capabilities inside the product experience. We believe this is a natural expansion for Support Ops and will help organizations deliver better support while lowering costs, improving customer satisfaction - at scale

These predictions and related tips above form key themes for our NEW innovations coming in 2023 while we continue to enhance our current platform capabilities. 

More to come - stay tuned!

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