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May 02, 2022 | 2 Mins read

5 Effective Strategies For Boosting Your Customer Support Operations

According to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Global State of Service report, over half (58%) of your customers will stop doing business with you if their support expectations are not met. Further, 66% of customers want an organization to reach out and engage with proactive customer service. But despite knowing that almost two-thirds of their customers are at risk and a similar percentage feel they’re not getting the proactive support they want, meeting customer experience expectations remains an elusive goal for some companies. Here are five ways to improve your customer support operations:

Meet expectations

When customers contact support, they expect their issues to be resolved quickly and correctly. Ensure agents are well-versed in product knowledge and have access to operational issues in real-time.

Eliminate “busy work”

Agents spend too much time with manual tasks like tagging, routing, and prioritizing tickets. Find an approach that automatically applies tags - even industry or domain-specific tags - to tickets when they’re submitted. Likewise, automate your routing process to make sure ticket volume is evenly distributed among your team. 

Be proactive

Use responses to previous, similar tickets to resolve new ones, and make sure your agents have access to knowledge base articles, FAQs, and How-to guides to search for answers. While you’re at it, make sure agents can search across all those materials in one query.

Don’t rely too much on CSAT surveys

Support tickets – not surveys – are best for measuring customer satisfaction. Monitor your customers’ sentiment in real-time, across as many touchpoints as possible to get the most accurate measure of your customer’s health instead of relying on post-interaction surveys.

Cut back on escalations

Nothing kills engineering productivity like unnecessary escalations. Support teams with access to product bugs and service disruption notifications from DevOps tools can cut down on issues that need engineering’s attention.

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