Oct 19, 2021 | 2 Mins read
How to Improve Your NPS with AI-Powered Customer Service

Net Promoter Score, known simply NPS, is widely considered to be the best way for businesses to measure the customer experience. The score is based on data from a single-question survey. 

Specifically, the question used in calculating NPS is as follows:

“How likely is it that you would recommend [product/service] to a friend or colleague?”

Administering this survey question is a straightforward process. But what’s important is how businesses respond to a low NPS score and the steps they take to improve their processes.

Improving NPS Using AI

Generally, one of the most efficient ways to make simple, lasting improvements on an NPS score is to use artificial intelligence.

AI can help improve NPS in many ways including:

  1. Proactively reaching out to customers. With any business, there are common issues that result from confusion or just the nature of the product/service. Contacting clients before they even lodge a complaint can vastly improve the customer experience.

  2. Triaging customer issues. When customers do have problems or questions, it can take some time for a customer service representative to effectively address said issues. AI can help you triage and even resolve common customer issues automatically.

  3. Reduce the number of ticket escalations. Escalating support tickets to engineering results in long wait times and tons of effort expended by staff and customers alike. AI can help you leverage product and user context to discover problems and reduce escalations.

  4. Turning Happy Customers into Promoters. Those who respond positively to the question of whether or not they will recommend your services were clearly happy with your service. However, they may not remember to recommend your brand (or may not have an opportunity to do so) for quite a while. Therefore, prompting them to post their thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media service can result in further advertising and endorsement for your brand.

With the use of AI, all of the above issues can be quickly categorized and dealt with. Here at IrisAgent, we have built a proactive customer service platform that can help you improve your NPS and keep your customers happy!

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