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Automated tagging

Why companies are moving towards automated tagging for customer support

Companies are moving from manually tagging support tickets to using AI to automate the process. This blog dives into the benefits of automated tagging and how companies can easily get started.

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AI in Customer Support: How Does it Fit into Your Digital Transformation Strategy?

This blog post describes how Artificial Intelligence in customer support can enhance digital transformation strategies as customer support is one of the main customer touchpoints.

Ticket escalations

Boost efficiency by predicting and avoiding ticket escalation

One of the major challenges in customer support operations is being efficient while ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Customer Support

Proactive Customer Support And Why It's The Key To Success

For so long companies have made customer experience their top priority seeing as customers are more likely and happy to return after having a great experience with a company, which in turn creates loyal customers

Tickets TaggingAutomations

Ticket Tagging Automation to Increase Your ROI for Customer Support

Accountants can do their calculations by hand, but they don’t. They rely on calculators and spreadsheets to do their job. Automation is a practical solution to complete tasks faster and more accurately.

Customer Satisfaction

How To Get More Visibility Into Customer Support Operations?

Customer experience is the backbone of any company’s success, and this is why companies funnel thousands of dollars into customer support operations


Choosing between Google Cloud Run and AI Platform for ML pipeline

Our learning in scaling a machine learning pipeline and why we chose Cloud Run over AI Platform


How to effectively manage engineering escalations from support

Transform support case escalations to engineering into your superpower with the right data and analysis